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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

END OF 2012 SUMMER SEASON - Week 7: August 7th & 14th

To wrap up 2012's Fun & Fellowship, 8 qualifying BUCKS were taken to the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Hurst. They had a lot of fun racing go-karts, riding bumper boats, playing miniature golf, and winning tickets in the arcade. For dinner, the BUCKS were once again treated to pizza.

To meet the learning objective and qualify for this year's last Fun & Fellowship event, each Young BUCK had to know the 2 Great Commandments, the 10 Commandments, and all of the 21 teaching commands of Christ found in the Gospel according to Matthew that we studied this year. The BUCKS were given verbal and written exams and had to know all of the material pretty much word for word. With the teaching commands of Christ, the Young BUCKS had to cite both the verse and the reference and they did a great job! For extra credit, the BUCKS were allowed to recite the Lord's Prayer which they learned in Week 1 and they demonstrated that they had retained that material as well. 

Cedric in 1st, George 2nd
Playing Arcade Game

Along for the [virtual] Ride
Pizza Pizza
It was a fun and exciting summer for the BUCKS. Please pray for these young men as they start the upcoming school year. Pray that the teachings and commands of our Lord Jesus be imprinted on their hearts and minds. Pray that the LORD grant them a strong faith and bless them as they try to put into practice what they have learned. Pray they be a blessing as they share Christ and His ways with their families and friends.

To the BUCKS: Be sure to keep your parents informed regarding our Communion & Reunion meetings each month. Family members & friends are welcome to attend. Anyone needing more information or wanting FREE materials offered by the YBC, please see contact info below.

In Conclusion: LORD allowing, next year's (2013) YBC Discipleship Program will bring new objectives and new fun as we seek to Build Up Christ's Kingdom as Saints!

YBC Life Coach: D. L. Dunnaville
PHONE: 251-753-PRUNE (7786)

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful." - John 15: 1&2. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

YBC - Season 1 - Week 6: July 31st & August 1st

Congratulations to the 10 Young BUCKS who got to go to Main Event in Grapevine this week where they enjoyed billiards, laser tag, and bowling!


Main Event Laser Tag

Bowling & Pizza at Main Event

During this week's Lecture & Learning the BUCKS went over several commands and played a game called "To Tell The Truth", like the TV game show. This was a fun way to help the BUCKS exercise the practice of discernment. This was in light of their memory verse Matthew 7:15 where Jesus instructs his followers to "Watch out for false prophets".

To Tell The Truth
The LAFF and final exam for this year's YBC season is to study and know all 21 Christian Commands in addition to all other material taught this year (2 Great Commandments, 10 Commandments, & The Lord's Prayer). A perfect score of 100% is required to qualify for Week 7's Fun & Fellowship (Hurst Putt Putt Fun Center). Again, the commands are listed directly below. All other material is listed in previous blogs:

 1. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near – Matt. 4:17
 2. Let Your Light Shine Before Men – Matt. 5:16
 3. Do Not Be Angry...With Your Brother – Matt. 5:22
 4. Be Reconciled To Your Brother – Matt 5:24
 5. Do Not Swear At All – Matt. 5:34
 6. Turn...the Other [Cheek] - Matt. 5:39
 7. Love Your Enemies - Matt. 5:44
 8. Do Not Store Up for Yourselves Treasures on Earth - Matt. 6:19
 9. Store Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven - Matt. 6:20
10. Seek First [God's] Kingdom - Matt. 6:33
11. Do Not Judge or You Too Will Be Judged - Matt. 7:1
12. Do to Others What You Would Have Them Do to You - Matt. 7:12
13. Enter through the Narrow Gate - Matt. 7:13
14. Watch Out for False Prophets - Matt. 7:15
15. Do Not Be Afraid of Those Who Kill the Body – Matt. 10:28a
16. Be Afraid of the One Who Can Destroy Both Body and Soul - Matt. 10:28b
17. Take My Yoke Upon You and Learn From Me - Matt. 11:29
18. Give To Caesar What is Caesar's  – Matt. 22:21a
19. Give to God What is God's - Matt. 22:21b
20. Go and Make Disciples of All the Nations – Matt. 28:19
21. [Teach] Them to Obey Everything I Have Commanded You - Matt. 28:20

MEMBERS: Again, feel free to print the material posted above to make it easier to study. For anyone who cannot print, a copy will be available upon request. Additionally, an audio recording of the lecture portion of each Tuesday meeting is also available to members and parents upon request.