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Friday, June 2, 2017

The Beauty of Holiness

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Think about a son who loves his father so much that he wouldn’t dare disobey his dad intentionally. He hangs on his father’s every word and proudly tells everyone about how he has the best dad in the whole wide world.

Or think about a wife who is so in love with her husband that she can’t wait for him to come home from work each day. It’s with fond and intimate thoughts that she does her hair, puts on makeup and picks out her best clothes to wear to impress the love of her life.

Neither of these scenarios involves someone being MADE or forced to do anything. And there’s no built-in consequence for one’s failure to perform. The son isn’t going to get beat by his father if he doesn’t proclaim to others how great his dad is. And the husband isn’t going to fine or penalize his wife for not being excited for his return.
There is so much debate surrounding the Law of God and whether or not it’s been done away with or still applicable for today. There are those who adamantly declare that Yeshua (Jesus) did away with the law when He died. Then there are those on the other end who boldly proclaim that the law is still binding for today. - It seems to me that these two groups are often talking past one another and both are perhaps losing sight of “the beauty of holiness” (Psalm 29:2; 96:9).

Yes…there was a time when there were “handwritten ordinances which were against us” (Colossians 2:14) and yes…there came a time when Yehovah sent His Son Yeshua to die on a cross and free us from sin (i.e. sin's grip & the law of sin & death). But none of this changes the concepts of love and us being set apart as God’s special people (1 Peter 2:9).

We who are God’s children obey Him because we CAN; because we are inspired; because we desire to please Him. Yeshua isn’t interested in marrying a robot bride or one who is scared of His wrath. At the same time, however, the Creator of the Universe is worthy and desires a wife who loves Him dearly and keeps herself pure for Him. He deserves a wife who obeys Him wholeheartedly while being free to disobey. - This is true love. This is the beauty of holiness.