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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Messiah Music ~ Made a Way by Bryann Trejo

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Message & Prayer:
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Fill our hearts with your love and your forgiveness towards others, Lord Jesus.

Month of October, when the nights feel like they’re colder
Found out another victim just got bitten by the cobra
Still looking for some closure, still trying to make some sense of it
Emotions can be sensitive when family and friends in it

I learned revenge can be sweet when you getta tasting it
But in the end, it turn bitter, you getta hatin it
And plus it leaves a sour feeling in your stomach
And who am I to say when other humans should be punished

I’m not approving of the crime that been committed
Crying in the courtroom when the killer gets acquitted
Help me Jesus to be righteous and not wicked
Purify this heart of mine and fill me with forgiveness

Whether you murdered or the one doing the murdering
If you ain’t accepted Jesus it’s a pit that you’ll be burning in
God sent His only Son to save you from destruction
Open up your Bible and follow basic instructions


You know every hair on my head
And you hold every tear that I shed
I couldn’t run from you, Lord, even if I tried
I couldn’t hide from you, believe me Lord, I tried

So I give, I give everything that I have
Cuz you died so I can live and only your love will last
I lift up both my hands and sing about your faithfulness
I lift up both my hands cuz Jesus made a way for us

[Verse 2]

And who am I, just a man that used to thug
Living in the liquor store and always in the club
Pothead, wicked man yet Jesus still loved me
When I didn’t love myself remember Jesus still loved me

It wouldn’t be no tears if there was never no sorrow
It wouldn’t be a future if it was never tomorrow
It wouldn’t be no courage if there was never no fear
And if God wasn’t real then me and you wouldn’t be here

The generation’s so corrupted, devoted to what’s destructive
Gluttons, cussers, drunkards a bunch of sluggards
Creator of the Universe, the Author of Perfection
Compassionate and loving, an incredible reflection

How could I hide from you, how could I run from you
How could you love me after everything I done to you
You sent your only Son to save me from destruction
So I submit my life to you and follow your instructions, yes


“Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven. Blessed are those whose sins are covered
Blessed are those who sin and the LORD will not ever count against them.” (Psalm 32:1&2; Romans 4:7&8)
See He liberates, He elevates, or He educates, He compensates He motivates or regenerates and He activates! Let Him set you free; don’t compromise with evil! Hold on to Christ, submit to God with everything you got, my brother! Jesus loves you, be strong my soldier – Yes!

[Ending Chorus]

So I give, I give everything that I have
Cuz you died so I can live and only your love will last

- Copyright Bryann Trejo