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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Boxing with the Blind

Boxing with the Blind

Sometimes, it can be so easy to go back & forth trading [social] blows. People can be flat out wrong in their views, ways &/or beliefs & then have the nerve to try & tell you how to live or condemn you for something they feel is wrong in your life. It can be real tempting at this point to "stick it" to such people & tell them how you really feel. You want to show them the "log that's in their own eye" (Luke 6:42) & teach them a lesson so that they never dare go there with you again.

But after you let 'em have it, you'll actually feel terrible. Especially when your opponents are just plain ignorant.

As believers, we know the Truth. And those who live godly understand walking in the light (1 John 1:7). This isn't true for those who are still plugged into the world; those still walking in darkness...blinded by the Evil One (2 Timothy 2:26). Know that this group can include professed "believers."

So remember all of this the next time you're hurt by someone and made angry; when you're tempted to [socially] throw a punch at a blind person. I think we all know that knocking out a person who can't see isn't really something to brag or feel good about.

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